Case Studies

Booking refill cylinder at anytime, from anywhere in the country using IVRS Solution

An Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) given to Bharat gas which provides 24-hour service for all the days in a week for booking refill cooking gas cylinders through IVRS where more than 10 lakh calls with bookings and deliveries will be handled per a single day.

Increasing Sales using ConVox Outbound Calling Solution

Vibatel wanted to increase their existing customer base with the help of outbound sales calling services. In order to achieve their objective, Vibatel Outsourced complete CRM and IT operations to Deepija Telecom, with an emphasis to drive their different sales process.

Cab Booking using ConVox Call Center Solution

Dot Cabs India Pvt. Ltd. is an excellent cab service. Dot Cabs (Hyderabad) provides round the clock service throughout the year. The cab service is provided within 30 minutes of the call. Dot Cabs outsourced Deepija Telecom Pvt Ltd for outbound call center services with an SMS Integration .

Deepija Telecom has provided the most accurate and effective call center solution for DOT CABS. The solution developed for dot cabs is a ConVox Outbound Dialer solution with SMS Integration.

Student counseling using ConVox Call Center Solution

IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management) is one of the most popular and leading management institute in India. They have their offices and institutes in all major cities of India. Deepija, with its presence in all major cities is an ideal partner for IIPM's distributed call center setup.

Deepija has their expertise for such kind of setup, ConVox is the best fit. We have designed and implemented distributed, multi-location call center solution for IIPM.

Biometric Calling Solution Cherlapally Central Jail (Andhra Pradesh Department of Prisons)

Thanks to the government efforts and technological advancement, prisoners are now capable of calling their near and dear one's from prison.

Deepija has designed and deployed a highly secure and fool proof system for biometric calling solution for prisoners.

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