Cloud Call Center

Cloud Call Center

Modern business is complex and challenging. This is true of many aspects of business, and nowhere more so than contact management where the demands of customers and stakeholders alike must be balanced. Organisations need to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, mitigate risk, embrace rapid change, and do all this while providing customers with a high-quality service experience.

Hosted call center includes Inbound, outbound and blended solutions to help & meet all of your customer contact center needs.Your agents can work from almost anywhere! Agents can work from home or in a central call center, all they need is an internet connection, a computer and a headset.

We provide your business with all of the benefits and functionality of a sophisticated contact center without worrying about installation, maintenance or upgrades. Our managed contact center provides useful features, including: Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Multi-channel access for voice, SMS and e-Mail, expandable Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), reporting, and skill-based routing. Most importantly, it is scalable to serve any number of agents or locations.

With our best-in-class customer support, improve your customers experiences and earn repeat business with a hosted contact center. Our hosted call center service can be layered on top of any existing telephony infrastructure, providing you with added flexibility.

How it works

Hosted contact center provides great features with incredible flexibility. Agent is a virtual identity. In other words, an agent is identified by a login and password and is assigned skill(s) that relate to the work of a certain Call Center.

For example, if a customer is calling and there are many (at least three) individuals capable of assisting her or him, based on a particular skill, the call can be routed to the best available agent. Best Available agent is selected based on ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) logic. In such cases the technology improves your call-handling efficiency and provides a better customer experience by enabling an immediate response. Other reasons to go with a hosted solution include using business intelligence to monitor and proven service levels, provide customer interaction insight, or track the efficiency of a self-service IVR.



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