Virtual Reception

Virtual Reception

Incoming calls often ring with the promise of business. ConVox Virtual Receptionisthelps you translate that promise into business.
Very often, on the other end of an incoming call, is a prospect waiting to be converted to a customer. However, not all businesses are able to treat incoming calls with the respect they deserve, not for lack of will, but for want of an effective inbound call handling system. ConVox Virtual Receptionist is an intelligent solution that not only helps you handle each incoming call effectively, but also puts valuable data at your disposal for monitoring and improving business processes.

Some Usage Illustrations

Companies often carry telephone numbers of their dealers/representatives in advertisements. However, they have no visibility on calls made on these numbers as a direct result of the advertisement. With this service, companies have precise data on calls made to each dealer/representative.

A classifieds listing company can carry different virtual numbers for each listed seller (instead of their real numbers). While each call gets automatically routed to the mapped seller, it leaves behind a trace, helping the classifieds company as well as listed sellers build analytics intelligence and strengthen its business proposition.

A marketing campaign’s media effectiveness can be tested easily. Advertisements can carry different virtual telephone numbers in each media vehicle. The Marketer would thus have a breakup of incoming calls listed by magazines and newspapers.

How It Works

ConVox Virtual Receptionist is powered by the Deepija’s ConVox Intelligent Telephony platform that is designed to integrate telephony intelligently with customer databases, applications and processes. With this service, you get virtual numbers that can be mapped to real telephone numbers. Incoming calls received on virtual numbers get automatically forwarded to the numbers specified by you, leaving behind a trace. You thus have complete visibility on call data for each virtual number (Calling Number, Time , Duration, Outcome).

You can map multiple virtual numbers to the same telephone number. You can even map a series of telephone numbers to one virtual number and the platform would place calls on all those numbers (simultaneously or serially as specified by you) and connect the caller with the representative who takes the call first, thus ensuring all calls are attended to.


ConVox Virtual Receptionist can be used innovatively and effectively in almost every business scenario that involves significant inbound calls. To start getting the most out of your incoming calls, get in touch with us today
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